SnapSite Overview

SnapSite is a software frontend for any server-side website builder software application.  It is specifically designed to help website hosting providers attract and retain more customers by making the initial steps of website creation more relevant, easier and faster for the customer.  It can also be used to import website contents into a website builder application.

Key Characteristics

  1. Creates an instant website and publishes it to allow for zero to live in seconds.
  2. Site can then be edited in the website builder application and republished
  3. Supports themed sets of site designs so providers can market more effectively to specific vertical markets.
  4. Integrates with provider’s data systems so that personalized content can be added to the site automatically.
  5. The user experience can be customized by the provider to fit their sales process.
  6. Designs are easily customizable by the provider so they can incorporate their unique looks and content.
  7. Delivered in a SaaS (Software as a Service) model for fast, cost-effective implementations.
1. Instant website creation and publishing

A SnapSite enabled site builder can shorten the time it takes to reach the goal of a published website to as little as 10 seconds as compared with a more typical 10-30 minutes for the website builder without SnapSite.  Most website builder systems also require the user to purchase a service before publishing a site is possible while with a SnapSite pre-processed website builder that is not necessary.

By satisfying the customer’s desire for immediate gratification and at a low or no-cost price, the provider using SnapSites should be more attractive to new users.  This also allows for very effective viral marketing since each new user could mention this free service to others that may get their own site in a few seconds too.

2. Editable in the website builder

SnapSite generated websites can then be opened and edited in the website builder application that SnapSite has pre-processed it for, giving the user access to the full power of the website builder’s features. 

This is a critical point since it is a trivial task to create a script to generate a website, but challenging to create the native files that a leading website builder can open.  Many current systems generate an initial site, and then require the user to learn HTML coding or purchase a web editor and download the file to edit it.  With SnapSites this process is seamless with the user even able to login directly to website builder from their newly created website.

3. Vertical market customization

The hosting provider can easily customize the designs and content of the SnapSite sites the users can then select from.  By customizing the design to make it more relevant to the users of a specific target market, the provider can be offering a more compelling service, improving sales.  Hosts may have a marketing campaign aimed at a specific vertical market (just landscapers for example) and so can make website designs that have pictures, links, and words that are all themed just for the landscaper. 

Hosts can have multiple themed sets defined in the system, each with their own set of website designs.  All themed sets can be live in production use at the same time allowing the host to simultaneously attract users from different target markets, each with a website solution that is relevant to their interests.

As the hosting industry matures the ability to verticalize your offering is becoming more important in order to differentiate one provider’s service from another’s.

4. Pre-load websites with individual data

The SnapSite architecture enables the host to export data from their other systems and automatically inject this data into the website without user intervention.  This means that user’s information can be added to their new website without them having to re-enter data the host already has about them.  In the simplest case would be contact information (name, company, address, phone, email, etc) but the system can support any kind of data and unlimited number of fields giving the system the flexibility to be integrated with any system.

5. Customizable user experience

The user experience is completely under the control of the provider, letting them create a look, feel and flow that best fit with their branding and sales process.  In comparison a native website builder application only allows a few areas to be changed (add a logo, change colors).

Significantly, the host can integrate the entire process from first click to publish website into their current sales process.  This means that the creation of a website no longer needs to be a separate step with a separate user interface, but rather is part of a seamless flow that occurs during the provider’s own customer acquisition.  It could also be integrated into an email campaign for current customers or an upgrade offer, without exposing any foreign interface that the user would have to learn.

6. Website designs can be created by host

With most website builder applications the designs can not be edited by the host, only by the application vendor.  Some do allow for customization of the designs but only by professional web designers.  With SnapSites the designs displayed to the users can be completely created by the host using the simplicity and power of the website builder application that SnapSites is pre-processing for.  This gives the host maximum flexibility to offer their users a custom set of site designs unique to their company.

7. SaaS delivery for time to market

The SnapSite System was designed from the beginning to be delivered as a SaaS solution in order to maximize the number of providers that could access it.  From very small 1 man hosts to the largest million domain hosts the solution is a viable option with pricing to match the size of the host.  SaaS also provides distinct time to market advantages since the application is ready to go in as little as a few minutes.